Rivet Nut Gun

Rivet Nut Gun

Rivet Nut Gun

A rivet nut gun, sometimes known as a rivet nut tool or a threaded insert tool, is a specialized tool designed for installing rivet nuts (also known as blind rivet nuts or threaded inserts). Rivet nuts provide a threaded hole in a thin material or in places where access to the back of the panel is limited.

Here are some key aspects of a rivet nut gun:

1.Function: A rivet nut gun is used to insert the rivet nut into a pre-drilled hole in the material. The tool typically grips the internal threads of the rivet nut and applies a pulling force. This force causes the back end of the rivet nut to deform (flare out), creating a bulge that permanently fixes the nut in place, providing a durable threaded hole.


1.Manual Rivet Nut Guns: These require physical effort to squeeze handles or turn a mandrel, which pulls the rivet nut and causes it to expand. They are simple, portable, and do not require power sources.

2.Pneumatic or Hydraulic Rivet Nut Guns: These are powered tools that provide a more consistent installation with less manual effort. They are ideal for high-volume applications.

3.Applications: Rivet nut guns are commonly used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, and general manufacturing where it’s necessary to provide strong, threaded attachments to thin or hollow materials.

4.Advantages: The use of a rivet nut gun allows for the quick and reliable installation of rivet nuts, providing strong and reusable threaded anchors. They are particularly useful in situations where only one side of the workpiece is accessible.

5.Installation Process: The rivet nut is placed onto the nosepiece of the tool, inserted into the hole in the material, and then the tool is activated to pull the mandrel, deforming the back end of the nut. Once the nut is properly expanded and secured, the tool releases the nut, leaving a permanent, threaded insert in the material.

Rivet nut guns are essential for situations where threaded fastenings are needed in thin materials, or where traditional nut-and-bolt connections are impractical.

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