Set Screws

Set Screws

Cup-Point Set Screws

Cup point set screws have a thin edge that digs into the contact surface for a secure hold on a wide range of surfaces.

Nonmarring Set Screws

Good for general purpose applications where corrosion and high strength aren’t a concern, these rod end bolts are made of carbon steel.

Extended-Tip (Dog-Point) Set Screws

These alloy steel rod end bolts have the highest tensile strength of any fully threaded rod end bolt we offer.

High-Hold Cone-Point Set Screws

Create pivoting connections in applications that require high shear strength—the partially threaded shank of these rod end bolts withstands more side force than a fully threaded shank.

Easy-Adjust Ball-Point Set Screws

Pivot and hinge components in wet and corrosive environments with these stainless steel or brass rod end bolts.

Swivel-Tip Set Screws
for Angled Surfaces

These black-oxide steel rod end bolts are heat treated for added strength.

Spring Plungers

Made of stainless steel, these rod end bolts are stronger and more corrosion resistant than our standard flat-shoulder rod end bolts.