Stronger than routing clamps and hangers, U-bolts support heavy pipe, tube, and conduit from ceilings, walls, and poles. Black-oxide steel U-bolts have mild corrosion resistance. Zinc-plated steel U-bolts have good corrosion resistance in most environments. Galvanized steel U-bolts have better corrosion resistance than black-oxide and zinc-plated steel U- bolts. Aluminum U-bolts are lighter weight and more corrosion resistant than steel U-bolts, but aren’t as strong. 304 stainless steel U-bolts have excellent corrosion resistance and good chemical resistance. 316 stainless steel U-bolts have excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. U-bolts with four nuts allow you to secure the U-bolt from the top and the bottom.


Low Carbon Steel. Zinc Platted.

Also Available in Hot Dipped Galvanized.

Consult a representative for stock and availability on the variety of dimensions offered for each thread size, U-Bolts provided with hex nuts. Straps furnished if required. Extra Long Style and additional sizes for pipe up to 36″ wide are also available upon request and custom made to order. We also have neo-coated U-bolts with rubber coating available.

U-Bolts with Mounting Plates

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